How to Emulate a Hot Australian Summer

Step One: Go to the beach. It will be a cloudy/rainy day, so even if you’re sun stupid, sun damage will be minimal.

Step Two: Head to local supermarket and buy a bottle of Clearasil Extra Strength Acne Treatment cream.

Step Three: Apply cream liberally all over face. If bottle instructs you to apply to pimple-affected areas only, ignore.

Step Four: Wait a few days.

And voilà! You now have the secret of dry, peeling skin. Telltale sign of a hot Aussie summer!



Sleeping straight after dinner is shit. So is sleeping next to your phone.

Two choices:
– telling the truth (but the truth is never static)
– forgetting about it and finding other truths

What could happen?
– making a fool of myself
– making peace (for the next five mins until I change my mind)
– getting hung up on my new truths
– not thinking so much and getting where I wanna be 🙂

This is why having too many options suck (doesn’t work when distractions stop being distractions and you need to be distracted from your non-distractions ….but new distractions aren’t being good distractions either!)

I need a new hobby.

In other news, I made trifle tonight with my sister 🙂

five weeks

five weeks until the end of the year

what will happen in your world?



i’m making this blog a bit meatier because apparently this was too short for some people’s tastes.

snapshot of where i am right now:
– 2-week-old cheating vegetarian
– new role in A&P
– new stresses: realising that i CAN stress
– new outlook: have fun! if you don’t look out for yourself, no one else will
– my parents are going to Europe for 5 weeks tomorrow .. so jelly 😦
– a very good friend at work is leaving forever tomorrow

future plan:
– looking forward to Friday night
– dreading Saturday & Sunday
– next week is going to be a massive month end pain
– going canyoning next weekend at Wollangambe Gorge 🙂
– CA exam and i’m halfway through module 1
– year end

I have a few prospectives at the moment, which I’m not really going to dwell too much on. Seeing life as one work obstacle to another, which is pretty stupid because life is about life and work is only a teeny tiny part of life.

But if you can read between the lines of this, you’ll see there’s so much more to life than just work!


In other news, I had coconut juice out of a coconut tonight. Aside from the novelty, it wasn’t that great. Like the novelty of eggnog & mistletoe.

Speaking of, where will you be for Christmas? New Years’? So many choices, so many options.

And how many of your options are still gonna be around in 5 weeks’ time? How much is going to change? How much are you going to change?

Do you think 2011 was a waste of time? Make it your five weeks to shine 🙂


So what is the point when I don’t even hear from you ‘cos you’re too busy worrying about what it’ll look like if you even open your mouth

If I have to spell everything out for you, then I should just stop wasting my time and find someone who is actually literate

Life mantras

If you don’t want to do it, then don’t do it.

Now if only life was THAT simple.

Hi DK :)

Since you told me you still read this, I’ve decided to write you a letter 🙂

Tomorrow’s your last day at work which is SUPER sad ‘cos then I won’t be emailing you anymore!

And as you know, I’m super lazy with keeping in contact with people.

I’ve noticed this translating through to a lot of my life recently – the fact that I never really see anything through.

I’ve quit instant messaging because I tell myself I don’t have the time (which is just an excuse so I don’t have to bother with talking to anybody).

My email inbox is a mess because I cbf to check it anymore. My food blog & personal blog are practically non-existent, my photo uploads are unmentionable! I keep talking about “catching up” with people, signing up for things, starting new projects …I say I’ll do things but I never do them.

I have a permanent to-do list that I don’t even look at anymore, I’m stuck in life ruts because I’m too lazy to do something pro-active and make a change.

I procrastinate and I agree easily to doing things but there is never enough time in the day to get through them all, so I let things suffer.

And that’s something I admire about you, because when you put your mind to something, you actually get it done.

Reliability is definitely not one of my strong points.

Not to mention I spend all my time searching for something new, something exciting, a way to push my boundaries, that I don’t really concentrate on getting anything done. I’ve spread myself so thin that sometimes it feels like I don’t even exist.

Sometimes I think that I’ve become so busy trying to live in the moment that I don’t really live at all.

SO. I’m going to turn this around! Get it right & make an effort.

Even though chances are, I’m going to forget about it by the time tomorrow rolls around.

But maybe not… 🙂 And that’s where the big difference is, right?

No time for rhetoric

How do you figure out what you feel when you don’t know where to start ?